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Battlefield 4 Final Stand
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20th Nov 2014

Final Stand Issue

As a Premium member the new content was offered early and free to me and all Premium members on the day of its release. I started up my game and received a message that there was an update to Battlefield 4. I let it load, and then went into game. At start up, there was a new load screen (Screenshot of one of the new maps with a snowing animation) So I assumed I had received maps. Several servers in the browser showed the new maps were running on servers etc. I tried to join one but was unable to connect? I then noticed the maps for Final Stand were not listed under Second Assault, Naval Assault, etc. I try to go to the store but its not listed there to load or install? I then try to go to the store and look under add ons for BF4, STILL NOT SHOWING! I was about to get frustrated but instead decided to unplug my Xbox One, to start system up fresh. That did it! Took a while, but the new Final Stand is installing. Maybe this will help someone else who has this issue.

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