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Final Stand Review
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30th Nov 2014

I have played a couple of hours of Final Stand now. It contains very large maps, lots of areas to explore and get shot in the back, lol. You will engage a couple of troops, whipe them out, only to get shot in the ass. Snow mobiles are a blast. Hover tank is a beast once you learn to drive it. In doors action on all the maps are intense and its a job to hold a flag for long periods of time. The new weapons are something to behold; The Railgun (Rorsch X1) A single shot bolt action with a delay after you aim but packs a punch. Its like shooting melons with a shotgun! Not as much fun having it fired back at you.
The Pod Launcher: This is a new concept but its very useful. You basically load yourself in a steel pod and shoot yourself out of a cannon, It gets you from one place to another in a flash. You can shoot yourself straight up in the air, eject from pod and parachute in behind enemy or right on the objective as well. Lots of new maps, battle areas and new toys. I will break more of it down in the future.

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